What to do immediately after experiencing violence or discrimination:

If you or someone you love are in danger, we encourage you to call 911. On campus, the Auraria Police can be reached at 303-556-5000 or the Anschutz Police at 303-724-4444. Consider saving these numbers in your phone in case of emergency.

It’s hard to know what to do, how to feel, or what your options are after being hurt. Below are some things to consider.

  • Your safety is important
    • Are you in a safe place? If you’re not feeling safe, consider reaching out to someone you trust for support. You don’t have to go through this alone.
  • What happened was not your fault
    • Something happened to you that you didn’t want to happen—and that’s not OK. You may feel inclined to tell yourself that you did something to cause this to happen, but it is important to remember that the person who hurt you made the choice to hurt you, and that is on them.
  • What you decide to do next is entirely up to you
    • People that mean well might tell you that you have to do something or must call someone. Ultimately, the decision about what you do next is your decision. If you are having a hard time deciding what to do next, read some of the below information about your options to decide what might be the best next step for you.

Learn more about your options: