December 14, 2018:

The Office of Equity has published an updated the list of all lactation spaces for both the Auraria Campus (which includes the CU Denver Campus), the CU South Campus, and the Anschutz Medical Campus on our website. Please see our lactation page on our site to find the complete list and maps associated with locating these spaces.

November 7, 2018: 

The OE has an exciting update for all lactation space users!  The new lactating lounge is officially available for use in Building 500, Room N2201! While this space accommodates multiple users, there is a partition that sections off part of the room for any lactating person who prefers privacy.

This space will not be available on the EMS reservation system. The purpose of the multi-user lounge is to accommodate access to last-minute lactation space needs for those on-campus, and to provide access to a lactation space for campus guests.

To find the lounge and/or other available AMC lactation spaces, please view our Anschutz Lactation Map.

October 4, 2018:

The Office of Equity has updated the Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Abuse and Stalking Procedures that we will follow in relation to the new Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Abuse and Stalking Policy that went into effect on October 1, 2018. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office for further clarification.

October 3, 2018:

Hello from the Office of Equity,

Thank you so much for your questions regarding the new Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Abuse and Stalking Policy (“Policy”) that went into effect on October 1, 2018.

We have received quite a few inquiries as to how this Policy will change procedures requiring University compliance from all students, faculty and staff. The Office of Equity (OE) has created some FAQs to answer common questions that have been directed to us so far. If after reviewing these FAQs, your questions remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact our office for further clarification. We know this process can be confusing, but please use us as a resource while we transition.

Where can I find the updated Policy?

You can find a link to the policy on the OE website by clicking the “Policies” tab and then clicking the “Sexual Misconduct Policy” drop-down option. You will be directed to the University page where you can find the Policy, titled APS 5014, in its entirety.  If you are interested in seeing the specific changes you can click the link for the Draft APS 5014, which outlines all of the updates made to the policy.

What Policy changes do I need to know?

Responsible Employee Guidance

Many members of the University community are Responsible Employees, who must promptly report sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator or designee. A Responsible Employee is any employee who: (i) has the authority to hire, promote, discipline, evaluate, grade, formally advise, or direct faculty, staff and/or students; (ii) has the authority to act to redress sexual misconduct; and/or (iii) has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual violence or any other misconduct by students to the Title IX Coordinator or designee.

A Responsible Employee is required to promptly report to the Title IX Coordinator or designee all known details about the alleged sexual misconduct, including: (i) name of the alleged victim; (ii) name of the alleged perpetrator; (iii) name of any alleged witnesses; and (iv) any other relevant facts, including the date, time and specific location of the alleged incident.

Per the revised Policy, a Failure to Report on the part of a Responsible Employee is now defined as Prohibited Conduct. A Failure to Report an allegation of sexual misconduct shall result in a violation of the Policy if the Responsible Employee received information that a member of the University community was subjected to or committed an act of sexual misconduct and intentionally, knowingly or recklessly disregarded the obligation to report, thus resulting in harm to a member of the University community. A Failure to Report may result in the initiation of a Formal Investigation by the OE and subject the Responsible Employee to potential disciplinary action.

Of course, there are additional changes that have been made to the Policy, but for now, we ask that you become thoroughly knowledgeable about your role as a responsible employee, and your obligation to report if you are a faculty member or member of administration. If you have questions about your status as a potential Responsible Employee, please contact the OE via email at or via phone at 303.315.2567.

 What do I need to know moving forward about the new training requirements?

The OE is currently updating the online training offered through Skillsoft, which covers the Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Abuse and Stalking Policy. The OE’s goal is to launch the updated training, and begin tracking the training requirement for both the Denver and Anschutz Medical campuses in January 2019.

As for completing training requirements, there will continue to be two ways to do so:

  1. You can attend a 2 hour, in-person training session hosted by Human Resources and the Office of Equity. Your first opportunity to attend an in-person training outlining new policy and procedural information, will be at the Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy training on October 31, 2018 from 9am-11am on the Anschutz Medical Campus. You will need to RSVP for this training through the link above. If you have questions about this training, please email Human Resources at If you are unable to attend this training, please standby until more information and additional training dates become available.
  2. You can complete the online Skillsoft training on your UCDAccess Portal currently titled CU: Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct.

Completion of the Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct training (either in-person or online) is a requirement that must be completed within the first 90 days of employment. *If you take the Skillsoft training now, please note that you may have to retake it when the training is updated with the new Policy changes.

What is a “training summary” and how do I access my personal summary?

A training summary is a record of all trainings you have completed thus far, via Skillsoft. Training listed in an employee’s training summary is what the OE will reference to ensure all employees are complying with the new training requirement.

To access your personal training summary, follow these steps:

      • Go to your UCDAccess Portal
      • On your home page in the portal, click on the navigation bar in the upper right corner
      • Click “CU Resources”
      • Click “Training”
        • If you are in a supervisory role, you can select “Supervisor Training Summary,” which provides a summary of training taken for your employees/department.
        • If you are an employee and would like to view your own record, click“Training Summary”

We appreciate your patience, and will be following up soon with additional information and timelines to ensure that you and your departments have all the information necessary to comply with the revised Policy.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the OE via email at or via phone at 303.315.2567.


September 17, 2018:

The Office of Equity is excited to announce our newest Civil Rights Investigator, Diana P. Townsend! 

Diana attended Michigan State University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Criminal Justice and a specialization in Peace and Justice studies. Before joining the Office of Equity as a Civil Rights Investigator, Diana spent several years conducting and managing police misconduct investigations in New York City.

Her curiosity for investigations originated from the glamour and suspense depicted in kitschy crime novels and TV shows, but her passion for social justice issues, accountability and relying on evidence to reach fair, fact-based conclusions has galvanized her career and captivated her interest for nearly a decade. Diana is excited to delve into Title XI investigations with the Office of Equity to examine and bring awareness to additional inequality and misconduct issues shaping the national conversation today.

In her spare time, Diana enjoys adventures with her husband, snowboarding, volunteering for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and rooting for all Detroit and Spartan teams.

August 17, 2018:

Great news, there are two new AMC rooms available for lactating persons! This map includes the new rooms and all other available locations on campus. To reserve these spaces, please follow EMS Scheduling System process outlined below.

NOTE: The Mamava Pod and the space in Building 500 Q20-N2201 are NOT required to have an EMS reservation. These spaces are for visitors and lactating persons for walk-in use.

Lactation Room Map, Anschutz Medical Campus

August 1, 2018:

We are excited to announce that the EMS Scheduling System is officially live as of today, August 1, 2018!

It is important to note that all alternative reservation systems are no longer active. 

Moving forward, in order to reserve any lactation spaces on the Anschutz Medical Campus, you must first be a registered lactation space user with the EMS Scheduling System. If you are not a registered user, you will not be able to make lactation space reservations.

Please contact the Office of Equity with your first and last name as well as your ID number to be given clearance or added to EMS. We can be reached at or (303)315-2567. Your request will be processed within two business days.

Here is a list of all lactation spaces available on the Anschutz Medical Campus accessible via EMS Scheduling: Anschutz Medical Campus Lactation Spaces

July 27, 2018:

The Auraria Gender Inclusive Restroom Map has been updated!

See here: Gender Inclusive Restrooms, Auraria Campus Map

The Lactation Spaces Contact List has been updated with new contact information and user expectations, along with an EMS How To guide for making/cancelling reservations once access has been granted. Please see links to the documents below:

Lactation Space Contact List and User Expectations

EMS WebApp How To_Lactation Spaces

July 12, 2018:

Hello all and happy summer! The Office of Equity has some exciting announcements to share with all of you.

Gender Inclusive Restroom Updates

There have been additional gender inclusive restrooms added to the CU Denver Campus. Reflective changes to the Auraria Campus map are currently in the works with AHEC at Auraria. An updated map will be posted soon! 

For now, these are the most up to date maps:

NOTE: Currently, all of the gender inclusive restrooms are single-stall restrooms.

New Lactation Space EMS Scheduling System at the Anschutz Medical Campus 


The lactation spaces will be private on your individual EMS account. Only approved users will be able to reserve the lactation spaces.

We will be sending all requests as we receive them to EMS Coordinators to provide specific access to the lactation space reservation portal. Simultaneously, we will be coordinating clearance access with the Security Badging Office. Then approved users will be notified that they are all set to make necessary reservations.

 To become a registered EMS user, please Email the Office of Equity at OR Call the Office of Equity 303.315.2567.

*STARTING AUGUST 1, 2018, THE PAPER SIGN-IN SHEETS AND TEAM UP APP WILL NOT BE USED TO RESERVE ANY LACTATION SPACES. Please note that current reservations on Team-up or on paper sheets will not be transferred and must be reserved again.

A week before the system is live, we will be sending out instructions on how to reserve spaces and any other updates necessary.

Upcoming Lactation Spaces Soon to be Available for Use

Our office is excited to announce that there are three rooms currently being remodeled that will be available for lactation users on the Anschutz Medical Campus. It is our goal to make the rooms accessible and sustainable for all staff, students, faculty and visitors on campus.  Information will be sent out when the rooms are available for use, and we will add them to the lactation space maps at that time. 

Upcoming AMC Lactation Spaces:

  1. Single-User Mamava Pod located in Research 1 North. This pod is not on the EMS Scheduling System. To access the pod code, download the Mamava App on your mobile device.
  2. Single-User Room in the Library Lounge. This room is not on the EMS Scheduling System, and is designated for last-minute lactating needs.
  3. Communal Room in Building 500. This room is not on the EMS Scheduling System, and is designated for last-minute lactating needs. There will also be a private section of the room to meet everyone’s comfort.

May 25, 2018:

  1. The Office of Equity is excited to announce leadership transitions that will become effective June 2018. Please view link for details:  OE Leadership Changes Announcement 5_24_2018
  2. The Office of Equity has added a new form for any visitors, staff or faculty that are experiencing access barriers on the CU Denver Downtown or Anschutz Medical campuses.

May 10, 2018:

The Office of Equity is excited to announce some updates on our campus lactation spaces. These updates are based on the responses we have received from a survey we sent out to lactation space users earlier this month. We are in the planning stages of implementing strategies that address the concerns that were brought to our attention.

We are planning the following: creating a new reservation system through EMS, building/re-designing new rooms for lactation use, improving upon spaces we have, investing in a portable pod to help meet the demands of the Research Quad, and hosting a “town hall meeting” in the fall 2018 semester.

We appreciate the patience as we continue to make lactation spaces more accessible, convenient, and useful.

Updates on Spaces:

  • The two temporary spaces in A01 (1502 and 1504) are still available through the summer.
  • Two NEW rooms have been built in Research 2:
    • P15-10114 and P15-7114
  • Portable pods called Mamava are in the works and more updates are to come on those (location of pods in Research Qaud/use etc.)

*Our website provides a list of  ALL lactation spaces on the CU Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus, UCHealth/Children’s Hospital, & CU Denver South

List of All Lactation Spaces, CU Denver Downtown/South and AMC

Updates on Reservation System:

We are implementing a new reservation system in July 2018. In the interim, please continue to reserve as normal. Once we have a new system/process we will send out an email and put signage on all the doors directing you as necessary. The goal is to implement a centralized system that can serve both campuses effectively and efficiently. Based on the feedback we received, we hope using EMS will allow users to reserve space and see open rooms with ease. The EMS reservation system also has more capacity and can facilitate organizing more rooms than the current app. Our office feels strongly that we can also capture a more accurate picture of the space usage through tracking via EMS. As the time approaches we can help with registering as an EMS user as well as providing a scheduling tutorial.

Update on Town Hall Meeting:

We appreciated the feedback from the google forms so much that we would like to connect fact to face, with direct dialogue to understand how we can make lactation spaces accessible, convenient, and useful. We plan to send out information about this in the fall semester. Our hope for the town hall is to get feedback on how the new reservation system is working and to hear if needs/concerns are being addressed to the best of our ability.

April 23, 2018:

The Office of Equity is excited to announce our newest intern, Adriana Moreno!

Adriana A Moreno is a Colorado native who received her AA in Criminal Justice from Community College of Denver where she was a member of Phi Theta Kappa. At CCD Adriana was named on the President’s and Dean’s list for high academic achievements. She currently is working on her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado Denver in addition she is minoring in Legal Studies and Sociology. Currently she is a member of CJ Honor Society Alpha Phi Sigma as well as a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda. Adriana is currently studying for the LSAT which she will take in June 2018 to complete her law school applications that will be sent this fall. Her dream to become a United States Attorney has kept her dedicated, humble, and hardworking. There is nothing that can she cannot overcome gracefully.


Adriana is very family oriented when she has free time she loves to have coffee with her mom and catch up. Also, she enjoys trying new restaurants, working out, and hiking. She is absolutely excited to start with the Office of Equity and make positive impacts on everyone who she works with. Adriana has always been passionate about helping anyone that she can, and she is ready to learn and provide new insights to her colleges.

April 2, 2018:

The Office of Equity is excited to announce our new Deputy Title IX Prevention, Training and Outreach

Coordinator, Sara D. Anderson! Passionate about inclusion and equity work, Sara has dedicated her life’s mission to ensure that the issues of systemic inequalities and oppression are disassembled. Sara enrolled at Colorado State University and became highly involved in the Black/African-American Cultural Center. There Sara ignited her passion for educational equity and the intersections of social justice, diversity, and inclusion. Sara received her BA in Communication Studies and minored in Women’s Studies.

Sara spent several years in the nonprofit sector professionally on issues affecting Colorado’s most vulnerable and marginalized peoples. Most of her experience involved program implementation and development, fundraising, community development, and equity work. In her spare time, Sara would mentor low-income high school students and assist them with the college application and enrollment process, or facilitate diversity and inclusion trainings to various communities across the metro area.
Eventually Sara decided to return to the academy and receive her master’s degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. Here, Sara furthered her passion by facilitating trainings for undergraduate, graduate, faculty, and staff members on topics pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Sara is excited to join the Office of Equity team as the Deputy Title IX Coordinator of Prevention, Training, and Outreach. She is looking forward to building connections, learning from others, and creating partnerships across campuses with various constituents.

When Sara is not working, she is with family and friends, teaching or practicing yoga, hiking, cooking, or watching movies.


March 19, 2018:


Karey Duarte, Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Associate Director for the Office of

Equity, has had a name change! You will now be communicating with Karey using her new last name–Krohnfeldt.

February 26th, 2018:

To contact our ADA Coordinator, Lauren Fontana, please use our new email address:*

* There is an underscore between “equity” and “ada”

February 23rd, 2018:

Attention: New Anschutz Medical Center Lactation Rooms Are Available for Use!***

Permanent Room
AO1 Academic Office One
Building Code: L15 Room: 6509

Temporary Rooms*
AO1 Academic Office One**—
Building Code: L15 Room: 1502

AO1 Academic Office One
Building Code: L15 Room: 1504

*Temporary rooms are available until May 2018.

Be sure to look at our website at for a full listing of lactation spaces at AMC and the Auararia Campus.

February 21st, 2018:

Coordinator Fontana facilitates access and equity

February 14th, 2018:

Karissa Stolen is a Colorado State University Alumni, having graduated in August 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and a minor is Women’s Studies. Before joining the Office of Equity, she served as the Administrative Coordinator in the College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office at Colorado State University. Passionate about advocacy and activism work, Karissa realizes the importance of self-work, empathy, and community. When Karissa is not in the office, she can be found streaming endless hours of Netflix cuddled up in her bed, or drinking her absurdly over-expensive white chocolate mocha in a coffee shop while organizing her life as a self-identified “tasker”.She also loves spending time with her dog, family and loving partner.

Karissa is thrilled to enter this new department, campus community and city. She has been looking for an adventure and new challenge, in a positive work environment with a committed team. The work the Office of Equity does is extremely important and personal to Karissa’s life and her advocacy work. She is excited to contribute her ideas, support, passion and interpersonal skillsets to enhance the department’s capabilities to serve campus constituents as exceptionally as possible, and to hopefully, initiate change.

February 8th, 2018:

The Office of Equity is happy to announce that Aaron C. Trump is joining our team as the new CivilRights Investigator.  In this capacity, he will serve as a primary investigator for Civil Rights matters involving students, faculty and/or employees which will include performing interviews, assessing complaints, gathering evidence, and preparing reports related to alleged policy violations.  Before joining the Office of Equity, Aaron was an attorney representing municipalities, utilities, and school districts in Indiana.  Prior to attending law school at Washington University in St. Louis, he earned a Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Indiana University.  When not working, Aaron is typically enjoying the outdoors and music events with his partner Alexandra and their dog Duncan (who was possibly named after a donut chain).

“I am excited to join the staff at CU Denver | Anschutz.  After a few years away from the field, I am looking forward to returning to a higher education setting and supporting the University of Colorado community.”

Aaron is located in the Office of Equity on the 12th floor of the Lawrence Street Center in Denver and the 5th floor of ED 2 North Building at Anschutz.  You can reach him by phone at (303) 315-2563 or via email at

January 8th, 2018:

The Office of Equity is announcing that Sarah J. Berg has left the Office of Equity as of January 8th 2018 to begin her next chapter at Brandies University. Sarah will serve as the Director of Sexual Assault Services and Prevention for their campus. In her new role she will oversee the Office of Prevention Services and the Rape Crisis Center and coordinate advocacy services for survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. Berg will also conduct outreach and education to promote a healthy campus environment, and serve as a liaison to student organizations.

Sarah has served in many roles at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. As a student she completed her Masters in Social Sciences from CU Denver. She also served as the Director of the Phoenix Center at Auraria. She advocated strongly for making a second location on the Anschutz Medical Campus. These are just a few of Sarah’s contributions to our institution.

When asked about her new role, Sarah told BrandiesNow reporter, Julian Cardillo, “I’m looking forward to working one-on-one with students. I am impressed with the current program at Brandeis. It has strong student leadership and is so robust. I’ve gotten vibes that Brandeis, in general, has a great deal of engagement from its students. I’m just so excited to get to contribute.”

Our office will miss Sarah greatly but is excited her skills and passion will continue to help folks experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault. For training requests as well as questions regarding lactation spaces, please contact our office directly. Our main office number is (303) 315-2567, or email us at

September 25th, 2017:

The Office of Equity is announcing that Shelby Shafto is leaving the Office of Equity as of September 25, 2017 to begin assisting Vice Chancellor Terry Potter, PhD. Shelby has been at the Office of Equity since its inception serving as the Equity and Title IX Business Coordinator. Her previous experience includes working with summer programs, faculty affairs, and retired faculty. She earned her B.A. in Anthropology and an Associate’s Degree in Leadership Studies from the University of Colorado Denver. When not at work, you can find her hiking, cooking, doing yoga, or playing with her two cats. The Office of Equity has benefitted greatly from Shelby’s presence, and expertise.

In her new role as the Assistant to Vice Chancellor Terry Potter, Shelby will be preparing documents, corresponding with department, developing a database, and planning the institution’s accreditation.

Asked about her new role, Shelby notes “I’m excited to begin my new role assisting with accreditation! I hope to bring my attention to detail and organization skills to make this a smooth process. I also hope to learn new skills and make new connections with multiple departments.

After September 25th you can find Shelby in her office on the 14th floor of the Lawrence Street Center in room 1427. She can also be contacted at, or by phone at 303-315-6617. Should you need to contact the Office of Equity, you can call still call 303-315-2567, or email


September 13th, 2017:

The Office of Equity is happy to announce that Shanna Mae Petersen is our newest team member. Shanna Mae will serve as the Coordinator of Remedies and Protective Measures. In this capacity, she will be one of the first contacts someone has with the Office of Equity.  She will be meeting with impacted parties to discuss reported concerns, learn what folks would like to happen in response to their concern, some options include; formal investigation, informal resolution, documenting the concern, or receiving remedial support through academic or workplace modifications. Shanna will collaborate with a wide variety of campus constituents across the Denver and Anschutz campuses in an effort to help those involved in our processes to continue their educational or employment endeavors. Before joining the Office of Equity, Shanna Mae worked as a Program Assistant at the Phoenix Center on the Auraria Campus. Shanna Mae is a graduate of CU Denver, with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. When not working, Shanna Mae can be found reading books, spending time with her dogs, and trying new restaurants.

“I am excited to join the CU Denver | Anschutz Office of Equity team! I am looking forward to contributing new ideas and perspectives to the excellent service already being provided by the office. I acknowledge the weight and importance of this position and am grateful to continue as a support person for the University in this new and broader role.”

You can find Shanna Mae in the Office of Equity on the 5th floor of Ed 2 North Building on the Anschutz Medical Campus, or on the 12th floor of the Lawrence Street Center on the Denver campus.  You can always reach her by phone at 303-315-0219, or via email at:


September 1st, 2017:

The Office of Equity is thrilled to announce that Lauren Fontana, JD, becomes the ADA/Affirmative Action Coordinator for the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. Lauren most recently served in the Office of Equity as a Civil Rights Investigator. Before joining the University, she spent several years litigating civil rights cases in Colorado. She has taught at both the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and the University of Colorado Law School, and she will join the UCD School of Public Affairs as a Lecturer in Spring 2018. Lauren earned her law degree from the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, and has a B.S.E. in Computer Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

“I am excited to transition into this role to continue supporting the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, as expressed in the University of Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus Strategic Priority 5. I look forward to continue working with the Office of Equity staff, as well as working with folks from offices across both campuses, to cultivate a community where everyone is valued and given every possible opportunity to succeed.”

Lauren’s office will remain the same. She can be found in the Office of Equity on the 12th floor of the Lawrence Street Center when downtown (303-315-0197), or on the 5th floor of Ed 2 North Building when at the Anschutz Medical Campus (303-724-8145). Her email is