If you are pregnant or need to utilize the lactation spaces, please complete our Pregnancy and Parenting Form.

If you have trouble accessing the application, contact the Office of Equity by email at equity@ucdenver.edu or by phone at (303) 315-2567.

Laws and Support

Lactation and Title IX

Colorado Breastfeeding Laws

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Milk & Cookies: Lactation support group on campus.

La Leche League: Statewide and national lactation resource.

Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition

Picture of a small room with soft lighting, two plush chairs, a small table, a min fridge, and some decorations.

Lactation room in the Campus Services Building

Resources for Lactation Space Users

Utilizing Lactation Spaces by Campus

CU Denver Downtown Campus and CU Denver South Campus: There is no official reservation process. Please view maps above to find locations on the downtown/south campuses to find the nearest location.

Anschutz Medical Campus: There is an official reservation system, outlined below and the space may require badge access.

UCHealth: The Office of Equity does not control these spaces. any questions/needs will be directed to their support line, which is 720.848.6034.

Children’s Hospital: The Office of Equity does not control these spaces. any questions/needs will be directed to their support line, which is 720.777.6458.

Anschutz Medical Campus Lactation Space Process



EMS is an online system that we use for reserving lactation spaces. You must be a registered EMS user to reserve lactation space at AMC. If you are not currently an EMS user, you will need to request an account. Please use the “EMS WebApp How To” for instructions on how to use EMS. If you have any lactation questions, please view our FAQ’s page here: Lactation Space EMS Scheduling System FAQs

Badge Access

Some lactation spaces, primarily on AMC, use badge access for security purposes. The Office of Equity will request badge access on your behalf. Please note that the lactation access may permit you to enter the room, but not the space in which the room is located. If you do not have clearance to a specific area in a building, lactation clearance will not grant you access.

News at AMC!

It is our goal to provide as many accessible and sustainable lactation spaces for all staff, students, faculty and visitors on campus.  We have been working closely with facilities to generate new spaces. 

NEW AMC Lactation Spaces: 

As of August 17, 2018 new spaces are available at AMC for use!

  • Single-User Mamava Pod: located in Research 1 North. This pod is not on the EMS Scheduling System. To access the pod code, download the Mamava App on your mobile device. 
  • Communal Room in Building 500: this room is not on the EMS Scheduling System, and is designated for last-minute lactating needs. There will also be a private section of the room to meet everyone’s comfort.
  • Strauss Health Sciences Library: located on the ground floor of the library in the previous cafe area. If you have difficulty accessing the space, please visit their service desk.

The Office of Equity will serve as the primary point of contact. Our office will assist with you getting connected to the correct folks that best suit your needs. Please feel free to call our mainline at (303) 315-2567 or send an email to equity@ucdenver.edu. In the future we are excited to include more campus members to enrich our team.


  • Be considerate of the schedule for this room by adhering to your scheduled reservation time.
  • You are responsible for releasing any unneeded reservations for the EMS system, as it takes away other individual’s ability to reserve available spaces.

We have more Pregnancy and Parenting related resources and information available here.


Phone: 303-315-2567
Email: Equity@ucdenver.edu


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